VISgoesVindobona is a student created and run group in the Vienna International School and consists of about 11 students that with the help of YoungCaritas found the vindobona refugee home. Our aim as this group is to spend time with the children in the house and organize enjoyable activities for them. This is done through weekly (saturday) visits.

During the first visits we wanted to introduce ourselves to the children and begin a relationship with them, a group of about 15 children of ages between 3-11 joined us in activities such as coloring, playing soccer, and listening to music. Soon after the first visit the children were already recognizing us and waiting for us for our next visit.

Once we started getting closer with the children we realized how much it means to them that we come consistently every week as to bring some stability to their lives. Each week we brought some snacks for the children to eat during the activities, noticing how they enjoyed them we organized for two weeks, baking sessions were we baked and decorated cupcakes with them in the Vindobona kitchen.

Once the weather got warmer, they kept asking to go to the playground located at a 15 minute walk, this was difficult to organize as we are a small group and needed more volunteers to make it possible to supervise all the children that wanted to go. At the playground the children were running around, swinging, playing soccer and singing and dancing to music we played.